Athletics 2: Summer Sports App Reviews

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Very good but...

I love this game a lot, my friends love it and everyone I know that has it Loves it but the only thing they and I thought would make it funnier and More enjoyable is if the running controls were all the same as the 1st athletics series and a bit different for the 400 m you should make it so the buttons are close together and only two just like the Athletics 1 summer sports 100 m and that goes for athletics:2s 100 m and 1500m and thats all I have to say please make it to my wishes Ps, you should put a 200 m run to


PLZ FIX THE CRASHING!!!!! It has amazing graphics but it crashes a lot. Plz fix it


Every Time I try and do the Decathlon it will always crash after the high jump portion every time! Please fix! Other than that great game!

Amazing game

Great game but try to make the graphics a little better in next update if possible

Bad game

Drains my battery like crazy and its just a button masher.


I just want better animations and more events

Great game but needs just a little more.

I think you should add the 200 meter, 4 by 200 meter relay and the 4 by 400 meter relay. You could also add replays after the races or events. If you add these, it would seem more fun and it will add to the celebrations. You should also add all the markings on the track and give the track 9 lanes and use only lanes 2-9 like in the Olympics. If you add at least 1 of these Ill give 5 stars. But overall its a fun game.

Missing important events need to add

You need the 4x2relay the 200m and the 4x4 relay race that is also in track.!!!!!

The Game Itself Is Ok

The game itself is ok,but personally I feel you should add a womens feature so you can play as a women. Also add more events like gymnastics. The balance beam would be a fun one to play!!

Smack your screen, hard

If you like smacking your screen, hard, this is the game for you. Its ok but my arm is tired. From smacking my screen. Hard.

Going but needs improvements

Add events like gymnastics and make it so where you can switch the controls from one side to the other because this is designed for a lefty

Not great

Some of the events are cool but most of them are extremely similar to each other in how they are played. The game can get really repetitive leaving u just tapping as fast as u can for most of it. The graphics are pretty good and there are lots of events but because they are so similar its feels like theres about 6 or 7. Overall Id say it probably worth about $0.99 instead of $1.99.


Its a really fun game with a bunch of different events to do! Only things Id add to make the game better would be instant replay and the option to save a replay if you set a new record, and career mode so you can develop your character over time to keep setting more records.


Its a nice game but lags too much on my iPod touch 5th gen. I can only play 2 games


Great simple game for those who like track and field or other Olympic sports. Cycling, archery, diving, and swimming are included. All the decathlon events plus a couple extras for track as well.


Its fun but they need to add woman events and the 200m dash and 800m run

4x1 and 400 wont work

Good game but 4x1 and 400 wont work would be 4 stars if they worked if added an online game it would be 5 stars

Love Love Love but intermittently crashes

App crashes on 6plus IOS 9. Please fix. Love playing the game. Its extremely fun. Ive been a supporter of this developer for years. This crash issue is major. Many users complaining about the same issue. Just read the reviews in the free version. Please Please Fix ASAP

Crashes please fix

Game crashes on iOS 9 . Seen another evidence highlighting the same point hope they fix soon. Otherwise a fun game

Not a lefty

I like all the events but this really seems designed for left handed person.

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